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Foxtrot Marketing Group

Your Home for Branded Merchandise

We create easy and engaging online company stores and custom branded merchandise that build brand value.

Benefits of Partnering with Us

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Save Money

Consolidate company purchases for more budget control and oversight. Receive the best value through our buying power, in-house capabilities, and curation expertise.
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Provide Convenience

Enable employees and partners to order and pay on your custom site at any time and from anywhere.
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Protect Your Brand

We partner with you to create on-brand, attention-getting, and engaging promotions that leave a positive, lasting impression.
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When you need to quickly set up an online company store and your organization likely won’t make a high volume of ongoing purchases, this is your best option.

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From guidance on category selection to ongoing promotional support, your dedicated team will help you reach your goals with a full-fledged company store program.

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Our Enterprise store is ideal for organizations that want to take their company store program to new heights with customization or accommodate multiple logos and partners.

“Everyone loves the t-shirts we ordered! They are good quality, fit nice and do not shrink. We are very happy with our purchase and would recommend ordering again.”

Monica Skinaway Marketing Manager
St. Croix Casino Logo

“To be honest, managing this process used to be a major headache for me. Now everything is automated, and I simply review and approve.”

Amy Halasz Office Manager
RJM site on laptop and mobile phone.

“I’ve only heard great feedback on the gift packs so far! I think together we did a really nice job. You were wonderful to work with, and you made my job so much easier, I can’t thank you enough. We will certainly reach out for our future needs.”

Lisa Roberts Executive Assistant
Mortenson Celebration Gift Package

“My goal is to make employees happy while protecting our branding. Foxtrot makes it super easy for me to do that. They understand what we need and have eliminated the administrative burden.”

Colleen Keller Manager
Restaurant Technologies website on laptop and mobile phone

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