Let's Show Some Employee Appreciation!

Company branded coffee beans and mug for employee recognition and reward program.

Employee retention has been on everyone’s mind during the past few years. The Great Resignation, which began in 2021, has led to the Great Reimagination, where employees are now rethinking their career paths and the type of qualities they look for in future employers. 

Therefore, it’s even more critical for employers to create a company culture that works to inspire, engage, and invest in its employees. It might surprise you to learn that one of the best ways to achieve this is by simply recognizing and celebrating your team’s contributions. 

Personal Recognition Is Key!

Before the pandemic, a survey—which interviewed 1.7 million employees on what they consider the “top drivers” of great work—reported that most respondents consider personal recognition to be the #1 driver.

Fast-forward to 2022, and regardless of whether employees work from home or at the office, they still want to feel valued for their work.

Did you know that many employees admit to leaving their jobs during the Great Resignation because they felt under-appreciated by their employers? If this is the case, companies can only attract and retain quality employees by embracing what some experts are now calling the Great Recognition

How To Show Employee Appreciation

Though everyone is different, you’ll find that most employees want the same things:

  1. Individual recognition and appreciation
  2. To feel accepted (a part of the team)
  3. Graded on quality of performance

An employee rewards program can help you hit all three. At Foxtrot Marketing Group, we make it easy and convenient to set up a custom employee rewards program right on your digital storefront.

Whether you already have a rewards program or need help setting one up, we offer unique “spotlight” features that allow leadership teams to call out individuals for their outstanding performance and achievements. 

Don’t have a custom storefront? We can help build that, too. 

How an Employee Recognition and Rewards Program Works

Team managers and VPs can recognize individual team members privately or publicly with company store gift cards or promo codes. 

If you notice certain employees working late to finish a project or see someone demonstrate leadership skills with other teammates, you can reward them instantly—and include a personal message.  

Once employees receive your message and promo code, they can reimburse their rewards on your company’s digital storefront to purchase their favorite custom apparel or company merch items.

Notice an employee likes a popular retailer like Nike® or has his or her eyes on a pair of branded earbuds? You can also select the type of gift you want to send them using the online store.

Are Employee Reward Programs Worth It?

Employee reward programs, like the ones we offer at Foxtrot, can help you demonstrate your appreciation for hard work and dedication. In addition, it allows you to communicate to your team that you value their contributions, especially when a verbal “thank you” won’t cut it.

Company branded candles with logo design.

Other benefits

Personal recognition can boost morale, create a positive work environment, and create friendly workplace competition. 

Most importantly, it gives your employees more incentive to do quality work. And each time they wear their branded apparel or use a product from your company’s store, they’ll be reminded that they work for a company that values its employees. In fact, when you present employees with rewards from your company’s storefront, you’ll help them feel more connected and a part of the team. 

Ready to Build Your Rewards Program?

Employees truly are the heart of any business. Without them, we couldn’t connect to customers or move our company forward. So, if you’re looking to build a custom employee recognition and rewards program to show your appreciation for their work and help them feel valued, we can help!

Contact us for a consultation to learn more about our services and custom reward features!