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How to Step Up Your Employee Swag

Custom branded t-shirts for landscaping company's employee swag.

Whenever employees are client facing, you want them to look their best. After all, your team is an extension of your company’s values and brand image. Without them, the work wouldn’t get done, and you wouldn’t have the chance to create real connections with customers. 

Because employees are the ones interacting with your customers, it’s important that they represent your brand both in terms of service and attire. 

They should look professional, be recognizable, and stand out from other brands who offer similar services. 

Let’s use a quick real-world example

Imagine you run a landscaping company that specializes in residential lawn care. Because your landscape crews and foremen will likely travel to different neighborhoods to complete projects, they are often the first interaction customers have with your company. 

So, when they arrive at a new location, the last thing you want is for your crew to show up wearing different styles of clothing, logos of other brands, and looking like they might even work for a different company.

Instead, you want them to arrive dressed in the same branded apparel that’s both clean and uniform. This way, as soon as your customers answer the door, they’ll recognize your team and feel an instant sense of relief that the pros are on the job! 

Why Is Employee Swag So Important?

Aside from helping your employees look professional and uniform, here are a few other benefits you can expect from employee swag:

Brand Recognition

Having your team wear branded apparel, such as hats, t-shirts, and jackets is like having a walking brand advertisement. Let’s go back to the example of the landscaping crew. If homeowners pass by and see your team hard at work and notice your logo, they’re more likely to inquire about your company, should they need a similar service. 

Brand Unity

When you dress employees up for success, you demonstrate that you’re invested in making them a part of the team. Think about it. Professional sports teams wear the same colors and jersey, right? 

Yes, this is done to help differentiate the two teams on the field, but it’s much more than that. It helps level the playing field in terms of new and existing team members. No one is put above another individual. Instead, everyone is equal and armed with the same task of working together to serve customers.

Brand Loyalty

When employees wear your company’s logo, they quickly understand that their words, actions, and behaviors are an extension of your brand. And because their goal is to associate positive experiences with each customer, this experience will then translate to the company as a whole. 

Need Help Stepping Up Employee Swag?

Though employee swag is effective in keeping your brand consistent and your team uniform, the truth is not all swag is created the same. In fact, choosing cheap, rough, and uncomfortable materials for your team to wear all day is likely to have the reverse effect. 

The last thing you want is for employees to dread wearing your branded apparel. Therefore, when it comes to finding the best employee swag, you want quality materials paired with customizable features and easy access. 

At Foxtrot Marketing Group, we can help you with all three!

We’ll build you a custom digital storefront that allows you to pick and choose branded apparel items, based on your brand’s standards and specifications. Better yet, we make it easy for your team to choose their own apparel and customize their merch—all within compliance of your brand’s standards.

Here’s a few other benefits you can expect:

Retail Brands

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t own popular retail apparel in his or her closet. Maybe it’s a branded hoodie, hat, jacket, or t-shirt. At Foxtrot Marketing Group, we can bring your team’s favorite name-brand items right into their hands.

Imagine your team getting the chance to sport Nike®, The North Face®, or Under Armor® every day to work, while you get the chance to see your logo design printed next to it.

In-House Apparel Decoration

Our in-house capabilities allow us to use quality control over every item that comes through our warehouse. This allows us to ensure brand consistency for every piece of apparel. This especially comes in handy if you own a series of franchises and need to ensure all locations follow the same standards. 

Quick Turnarounds

Spend less time waiting and more time getting your team the gear they need! Because our operations are in-house, and not reliant on third-party vendors, we can process your online orders quickly and ship your items to your location promptly.

If you’re planning to hire new employees, or just want to stock up on extras, we can also help you manage your branded inventory with competitive pricing!

Let’s Get to Work!

Ready to see our digital storefronts in action? Request a free, live demo to learn more about how our merch solutions can benefit your brand! We’ll walk you through your options, answer questions, and help you find the best storefront option to suit your company or franchise. 

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